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"As a child, I grew up in poverty, so I understand what it is like to feel hopeless about money. I remember one Christmas when we didn’t have any money. So, I drew a Christmas tree on a green sheet of paper and put it on the wall on the motel room where we lived." said Angela C. Duncan, Founder of Empower HER Money. “My mission is to provide HOPE to women, increase financial literacy, and support women in achieving their financial goals."

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women in managing their finances, Empower HER Money offers personalized and comprehensive money coaching services tailored specifically to women's needs. Through Master YOUR Business workshops, webinars, Podcast and online resources, the expert team at Empower HER Money equips women with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate financial hurdles confidently.

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Create Financial Freedom written by Angela Duncan

Meet the expert


Meet Angela, a woman who defied the odds and survived a childhood of abuse and poverty.

Angela Duncan was raised in Section 8 housing, welfare and working at a young age. Her journey has been marked by resilience and determination. With 25 + years of personal finance study, Angela has honed her expertise to inspire HOPE through financial literacy. Graduating with a Finance Degree from California State University San Marcos, she embarked on a diverse career in banking, financial advising, owning a top 10 RE/MAX office for 5 straight years with over $2 Billion in sales, and establishing and selling an insurance agency. Serial entrepreneur at heart.

Now, Angela is committed to closing the poverty gap by empowering others to change their financial future. She firmly believes, no matter where one starts in life, they have the power to shape their own destiny.

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